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About Precision Health

We are a wellness clinic located in Kansas City, Missouri. We are ready to serve you!

What we do

We help people with the resolution of pain or unresolved health problems using a new perspective in diagnostics, integrating five diagnostic specialties with a specialized bio-feedback muscle response system to monitor neurological testing. The combination is a unique and comprehensive system of testing the body for specific tissue disorders. 

Conditions we can help

 Our scope of practice includes the restoration of muscles, ligaments, bone inflammation, bone displacements, fixated joints, and chronic biochemical imbalances of hormones, yeast, allergies, and various metabolic dysfunctions.

How muscles become weak

Thirty-five (35) factors are known to inhibit muscles into a temporary, intermittent or permanent weakness. The causative factor may be within the muscle or from a remote location by one of many physiological networks. These factors have been categorized into our acronym S.C.O.P.E. designating Structural deviations, bio-Chemical imbalances, Organ dysfunctions, Psyche -stress influences, bio- Electrical imbalances of the meridians and nerves. These categories are like files that help the doctor to organize the testing of an enormous number of details associated with restoring weak muscles and your health.

How it works

We use motor nerve and sensory-based testing for discovering tissue dysfunctions. By having the patient move or touch problems areas of the body, they stimulate the specialized nerves in all tissues of the body that take messages to the brain, we monitor the body with a bio-feedback muscle response test to determine the integrity of the body’s response systems. Our bio-feedback style of testing helps the doctor to detect functional defects in the nervous system which inhibits muscle strength. Directing our treatment towards eliminating the defect helps to restore body integrity, health and a reduction of pain.

Our Team

Dr. Nate Thomas is a 2014 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and is a certified practitioner of CPK (Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology).

Dr. Kara Thomas knew she wanted to be a chiropractor when she first went to a chiropractor as a 13 year old. She knew nothing about kinesiology back then, but her experience and belief in natural healing put her on the path to chiropractic school. She graduated with honors from UMKC with a B.S. in Biology and also played volleyball. Upon graduating she entered Cleveland Chiropractic College and that is where she was introduced to kinesiology. What had her interested in kinesiology was the constant low back tightness she had experienced since she was in high school that was relieved with one treatment. That changed her path from traditional chiropractic to using a technique that incorporates kinesiology. Dr. Kara’s practice specializes in the use of kinesiology, functional blood chemistry, nutrition and sacral occipital technique along with healing principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Fun Facts

Treatment is specific to each person that walks in the door. We treat the CAUSE of the dysfunction, not only the symptoms! As a result we deliver better long-term results.


Possible joint fixations


 Muscles in the human body 


Ways to inhibit muscles


Method that fixes it

Our Service

Our #1 goal for you is Health & Wellness.


By utilizing therapy localization we can quickly and precisely detect what the dysfunction is and how to fix it.  

Bio-Systems Integration

 We utilize the most innovative and effective tools in holistic medicine.


With sniper-like accuracy, we can detect and balance nutritional deficiencies.


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